I raced boardercross professionally from November 1992 until March 2004. It was a lot of fun to race, and I was fortunate to be able to participate in the sport for almost 12 years. During the last few years I was racing, I began working with Pat Malendoski to build out the courses for the boardercross races and other events, like the Grand Prix Series and 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. That is how PLANET got involved in building out and managing terrain parks at the resorts and for events.

SPONSORS: Burton, Fishpaw, Fuel Clothing, Lib Tech, Oakley, One Ball Jay, Palmer, Salomon, Scott, Sun Valley Ski Tools, Swatch, Neptune Family

• Swatch BoarderCross; Torino, Italy; Site of 2006 Olympics; Raced & Designed the Course
• FIS World Cup; Mt. Bachelor, OR; Raced & Designed the Course
• Grand Prix; Mammo, CA; Raced & Designed the Course
• JX-Games; Raced & Designed the Course
• US Nationals; Raced & Designed the Course
• Winter Gravity Games; Raced & Designed the Course

#6 Overall U.S. FISS
#2 US National Championships; Aspen, CO
#4 Paul Mitchell X-Games
#16 ESPN X-Games

#2 ISF Championship Tour; Nissan Open
#9 Nippon Open Japan

Palmer Team Captain, 2000-01
#18 X-Gamers Invitational; Mt. Snow, VT
#6 Swatch BoarderCross; Nekome, Japan

#5 X-Games BoarderCross; Mt. Snow, VT
#5 Goodwill Games BoarderCross; Lake Placid, NY
#5 Sims World Championships; Blackcomb, B.C.
#13 Vans Triple Crown BoarderCross; Breckenridge, O
#7 Swatch BoarderCross; Aspen, CO
#13 Kokanee Cross Championship; Blackcomb, B.C.
#21 Gravity Games BoarderCross; Mammo, CA
#25 FIS World Cup BoarderCross; Whiler, B.C.
#49 Swatch BoarderCross; Merrible, France

First Overall US Snowboard Boardercross Champion
#1 Grand Prix BoarderCross; Sunday River, ME
#1 Okemo Grand Prix Championships; Okemo, VT
#2nd Bud Light Boarder Battle Championships; Mt. Snow, VT
#9 Swatch BoarderCross; Copper Mountain, CO
#9 Swatch BoarderCross; Canyons, UT
#20 X-Games; Creed Butte, CO
#13 Swatch BoarderCross; Big Bear, CA
#13 Swatch Finals; Laxx, Switzerland
#15 Vans Triple Crown BoarderCross; Breckenridge, CO

#1 Stevens Pass Pro BoarderCross; Stevens Pass, WA
#1 Bogus Basin BoarderCross; Boise, ID
#1 Brundage Mountain BoarderCross; McCall, ID
#1 Bogus Basin Big Air Quarter Pipe; Boise, ID
#1 Overall Bogus Basin Slope Style; Boise, ID
#5th Kokanee Cross Championships; Blackcomb, B.C.
#5th Hood Vegitate Pro Boardercross; Government Camp, OR
#15 th Swatch Boardercross; Mt. Snow, VT
Ranked 23rd Overall World Cup ISP Pts
Ranked 6th Overall U.S. ISF Points