Planet Snowtools all began with my passion for snowboarding combined with the goal to create and ride the best jumps and half pipes in the world.

When I began snowboarding in 1984, snowboards only came in one size. I asked for a snowboard for Christmas that year, and it wasn’t hard for my parents to make their selection — there was only one type available.

From that day on, if there was snow in the mountains, I was out riding, building jumps, making half pipes, and racing. While in high school, I began creating snow tools to help perfect my jumps and half pipes. Word got out about my snow rakes and shovels, and mountain resorts began asking if they could buy them.

After I began racing BoarderCross professionally I designed the BXT Gate, a racing gate that redefined BoarderCross racing by making the start more precise and safe. Planet Snowtools eventually grew to include all varieties of custom rail slides, picnic tables, fun boxes, mountain resort tools, and more.

Today Planet designs, constructs, and supplies equipment for Gateway Parks, along with major snowboarding venues and terrain parks worldwide. All of Planet’s products are designed and manufactured in Boise, Idaho by Neptune Industries.